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Body Rider Fan Bike, Versatile Bike For Total Body Fitness

Body Rider Fan Bike
Body Rider Fan Bike

If you’re looking for a versatile home exercise equipment that works your total body for more efficient cardio workout and strength training, then you should check out Body Rider Fan Bike. It’s a versatile bike ergonomically designed with moving handle and decent foot pedals, allowing you to workout your whole body day in and day out.

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Let’s take a closer look at Body Rider Fan Bike’s features:


  • Dual-action handlebars engage an upper and lower body workout
  • Tension adjusts easily with the turn of a knob
  • Fan wheel provides a gentle breeze as you exercise
  • Tension easily adjusts with the turn of a knob
  • Digital display tracks your time, speed, distance, and calories burned
  • 250-pound user weight capacity
  • Measures 41.75 by 22 by 46.5 inches; weighs 47.3 pounds
  • Sturdy steel frame design


The Body Rider Fan Bike is quite a versatile indoor bike trainer, as it works out both upper body and lower body for efficient total-body home cardio workout. It comes with an ergonomic design that engages both lower body and upper body muscles for strength training as well. Also, with the fan wheel, this home exercise equipment can keep its users cool while working out.


Versatile Bike For Total Body Workout for Everybody

With dual moving handlebars, digital screen, and fully adjustable tension, the Body Rider Fan Bike offers a good way to stay fit and active, as it’s an indoor bike for cardio and strength training workout. The fan wheels moves quickly when pedaling on the bike, making cool and soft breeze for riders to keep them feel cool even during intense spinning workouts.

Again, the Body Rider Fan Bike works both your upper body and lower body with its active handlebars and foot pedals. But that’s not only what it does. As a total body workout machine, this cardio and strength training machine can improve tone your midsection, as it’s more effective in burning calories and shedding off fat.

The digital display of Body Rider Fan Bike shows the important things you need to know about your workout, such as time, speed, distance, and calories burned. Unfortunately, like many budget-bikes, this indoor bike trainer don’t have heart rate counter. Also, there is no way to add fitness level and present weight, so the estimated information on calories burned will be inaccurate for users.


Why Get This Indoor Bike?

The compact and sleek design of Body Rider Fan Bike provides low-impact total body cardio workout with the addition of double-action handlebars. It comes with an integrated fan wheel that keeps air circulation near its rider, keeping the environment cool and conducive for workout. Also, there’s an adjustable tension that increases and decreases the resistance of the bike, enough to challenge even the fittest spinner.

The Body Rider Fan Bike is a product of Body Flex a known brand in home exercise equipment industry for its quality and performance.

All in all, this is a great indoor bike for people serious about getting fit and healthy by staying active, as it works out the total body. Without the bells and whistles, this is a straightforward bike that does what it’s supposed to do.





Customer Reviews


By V. Dibartolo (Brooklyn)

The Best Exercise Machine Ever For The Price

In all honesty im 6 Feet Tall and its fine i don’t see any problem with it, i read the other review about “it’s for midgets” and that not true. I have it on the highest seat setting and my knees still don’t hit the bars or my chest lol. Its a great bike… i would only recommend getting the gel seat cover they recommend to get, i think its called “Cloud Nine” Other than that your good to go. I also read that it’s a bit loud and that it makes it difficult to hear the TV at the same time your using the Bike. Well i have mine right in front of the TV and yes the bike makes some noise….but nothing to stress over, all you have to do is raise the volume a little and it’s good,the bike isn’t that loud. Now lets get to assembling part,oh wait i forgot to tell you there barely is any assembling to do, i put it together in 30 minutes and the instructions were good to me. The only thing i found tricky was putting on the left pedal, it screws on the opposite way of the right pedal. The only thing to put together is the Arm Bars,the 2 end bottom pieces,seat,pedals,the bar that connects the pedals to the arm bars and the timer/speed/calories. Come on people that’s not a lot at all the base of the Bike is in one piece.Well it’s a great bike to me and i hope this help you to make a better informed decision, I you ask me BUY IT NOW!!! Read more at Amazon.com…


By Dan

Awesome, awesome, awesome!!!

At first glance, I loved the bike… and the price. Then I read some of the reviews and was concerned with the fact that some people thought it was “made for midgets”. I am 5’10″ so this was the only reason I started looking elsewhere. After reading reviews of several other bikes, I kept coming back to this one, and I am glad I did.

Some noted it took hours to put together… I am no dummy, but sometimes the common sense stuff eludes me. However, my husband and I put the bike together in 40 minutes while watching a movie together, so our full focus wasn’t on the bike. Went together easily – directions and pictures were easy to understand…

…The fan doesn’t really do a ton of cooling – but 1) it’s winter, so I don’t care to be cooled, 2) the fan isn’t REALLY for cooling – it’s for virtually unlimited resistance – if you need a fan to cool you, buy a cheaper bike without the fan and splurge on a tower fan (see # 3) and 3) if I find it difficult to sweat while exercising (oh, the humanity!), I will get a tower/stand fan to put next to me while I exercise. Tension is easy to adjust with both the strap and the knob. The calories burned/distance/time display is easy enough to read… I still have young-ish eyes, but I am not going to stare at the thing while riding anyhow. The seat – not the most comfortable, but I’ve sat on worse (cold, hard bleachers anyone???) and added the Mongoose gel seat to my order for more cushion.

All in all, very pleased with the bike!!!. Read more at Amazon.com…


By Luis Davila

Fantastic Purchase,

I never ever leave a review for anything so I really must like this bike. It has such a small footprint and is pretty easy to put together. I was looking in craigslist for a used airdyne but wasn’t having much luck. I also thought that they were a little bulky so when I saw this bike I decided to take the plunge. Boy was it a good (lucky kind of?) decision.

I cap off my workout with 15 min on this bike and I’m sweating like a pig. Unless you are Andre the Giant this bike should be ok for average sized persons. I put on my hoodie and pump my arms and legs

I adjusted the tension so that I could work a little harder. This tires me out faster than the spin bike. I like training for speed and agility and this bike is what I wanted and at the perfect price. Are there better bikes out there? I don’t know but I’m not spending huge money on a Schwinn when I know for a fact that his bike provides the same type of tension during my workout. FREAKIN’ BEST PURCHASE I’VE MADE ON AMAZON. Read more at Amazon.com…

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