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Livestrong Fitness LS13.0E-2 Elliptical Trainer, One of the Smoothest And Quiet Elliptical Machine

Livestrong Fitness LS13.0E-2 Elliptical Trainer
Livestrong Fitness LS13.0E-2 Elliptical Trainer

The Livestrong Fitness LS13.0E-2 Elliptical Trainer is an improved version of the LS13.0, which was released and made available only this year, 2013. Thus, this unit is fairly new in the market. However, despite of it being one of the newest models in the competitive world of home exercise equipment, particularly in elliptical machine category, this product from Livestrong is making its name popular through quality, making it one of hottest home exercise machines, and a strong case for buyers.

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Let’s take a closer look at the Livestrong Fitness LS13.0E-2’s features:

  • Elliptical trainer provides challenging cardio workout in comfort of your own home, with numerous ergonomic design features that minimize wear and tear on your body
  • Long, flat ellipse motion mimics your natural stride; low and tight handlebars comfortably fit most users; MaxTone gel pedals provide cushioning and arch support
  • Heavy-duty, 30-pound flywheel delivers the smoothest motion; extra-wide tracking window with excellent readability; Change the speed and incline with touch of a button
  • Measures 31 by 63 by 75 inches (W x H x D), with 220-pound unit weight and 350-pound maximum user weight
  • Includes the following manufacturer’s warranties against defects in materials and workmanship: lifetime on frame; five years on parts; and two years on labor

This elliptical machine comes with stylish design and sturdy build, with tons of very useful features, allowing users to get the best workout experience through fruitful and safe workout stride after stride.

With this machine, you don’t need to drive many times a week in the gym and spend an hour or two for taxing and rigorous gym activities, as you can enjoy all the comforts of your own home with this elliptical machine. Not to mention investing in quality home exercise machines are is wiser in the long run, than paying expensive monthly subscription and gym membership.


Quiet and Impressively Smooth Elliptical Machine

The best thing about this machine is its smooth operation. It is very well-built; frame and components are in high quality and very sturdy, design is ergonomic, and striding motion mimics the body’s natural movement, allowing you to move freely and naturally in this machine for a more fruitful and safer cardio workout.

With nicely padded handles, users will be able to workout both their upper body and lower body with this machine. This equates for optimum caloric burn for a workout that counts.

It sports a 20-in stride length, comfortable to step-on MaxTone footpads, and runs with a heft and very durable 30lb flywheel, not to mention it works with a wider and smoother stride.

It has 12 pre-programmed workout options with 20 different levels of resistance to challenge yourself and break plateaus.

Another great thing about the Livestrong Fitness LS13.0E-2 is its integration with the Livestrong site. This machine allows you to connect to one of the most popular health and fitness sites online to track your progress, help you in your diet program, look after your fitness, and keep you in line with your fitness goals.

Also, this machine has energy saving features, a CoolFit fan feature that will keep users freshened up and cool while running, and an MP3 player for entertainment system.


Why Get this Elliptical Machine?

With SixStar certified platform, the Livestrong Fitness LS13.0E-2 elliptical machine is one of the best machines you can get today. This home cardio equipment allows you to enjoy all the benefits of a good cardio workout all without the risk of hurting yourself with impact and strain on your joints.

Packed with tons of helpful and convenient features, this machine makes cardio workout very enjoyable and challenging at the same time. It’s a great workout machine for everyone in the family, as people from all fitness levels can definitely make good use of this machine’s low-impact, safe, and very effective workout. Also, it comes with multi-settings, so everyone in the family can program their own workout setting.




Customer Reviews


By paul2earth

Great machine at this price point

Pretty much everything that I expected at this price range. Delivery from Amazon was super fast even with free shipping. The shipper won’t take it up stairs, so I had it delivered to my garage. After unpacking, all parts were light enough to easily get up to my 2nd story room – except for the main flywheel component which was a bit of a workout, but doable by one person (though I’d recommend two). Read more at Amazon.com…


By T. Franklin

This Machine was Worth the Purchase

For me, this machine is perfect – I am so glad I bought it. Even the delivery was excellent – the guy was nice enough to put it in my basement where I planned to assemble it. My daughter and I (14) put this together as well. We had it together in about a little under 2 hours. So far so good. I’ve used it and am very satisfied with it. I do notices that the machine does somewhat push you forward but that’s no big deal to me, it’s not really enough to notice. I’ll definitely update later if I find that this machine disappoints after having it longer. I’m on my way down to put in a work out – so I gotta go! Read more at Amazon.com…

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