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Marcy Diamond 200 Pound Stack Home Gym, Compact Home Gym For Beginners and Serious Fitness Enthusiasts

Marcy Diamond 200 Pound Stack Home Gym
Marcy Diamond 200 Pound Stack Home Gym

The Marcy Diamond 200 Pound Stack Home Gym is another decently-rated home gym available in Amazon, and it is built with the same traits as you would find in health clubs today. No need to alter cables and switch weight plates with this machine, as the weight is fully adjustable using the pin.

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Let’s take a closer look at Marcy Diamond 200 Pound Stack Home Gym’s features:


  • 200 lb. vinyl coated, selectorized weight stack
  • Multi-position press arm adjusts to chest press, incline press and military press exercises Independent barrel butterfly station
  • Dual function leg developer and Independent barrel butterfly station
  • High density boxed upholstery constructed form top-grade high density foam
  • High and low pulley stations


This Marcy Diamond 200 Pound Stack Home Gym is perfect for beginners, casual users, and even serious fitness enthusiasts and intermediate fitness level, as it offers variety of exercises that lets you target different sets of muscles in your body. It comes with a 200lb weight stack, which is more than enough for most users. Weights are made up of vinyl, and are stacked with about 15lbs in units. It sports an adjustable seat position which makes working out in the machine comfortable for anyone from any size.

The Marcy Diamond 200 Pound Stack Home Gym allows you to fully use its 200lb weight stack with multiple attachments that lets you target specific and major muscle groups in your body. This means you have everything you need to tone your body and gain strength and muscle. There’s an overhead pulley for back and shoulder workouts, adjustable bench to accommodate different sizes of users and adjustable recline angles to target different muscles with pressing exercises. Then there is the classic feet bars located at the bottom of the machine to target leg muscles. Also, the weight stack is also concealed, providing the weights protecting shroud.

With its large weight stack, this home gym is perfect for the whole family, even teenagers. This machine is deal for high school or even middle school teenagers looking to gain strength as they grow. Athletes can also benefit from this machine, as it comes with every basic weight training exercises you need to build muscle and gain strength for a maximum performance.

This machine also has a multi-position press arm that comes with 6 settings, letting you perform variety of upper body exercises such as such as chest press, shoulder press and seated rows.

This home gym comes with a space requirement and minimum clearance for its height. Almost all rooms can fit this machine. However, once set up, this machine can’t be moved, unless disassembled.


Why Get This Home Gym?

The Marcy Diamond 200 Pound Stack Home Gym accommodates variety of body types and exercise preferences, with a variable-height seat and a multi-position back pad with four different pad angle settings. Despite its versatility, this all-in-one workstation only needs 30 square ft of floor space with its 5×6 feet footprint.

With fully adjustable seat and adjustable angles, and variety of attachments, you can target specific muscle groups in your body with Marcy Diamond 200 Pound Stack Home Gym without switching cables or changing weight plates. The 200 pound weight stack is enough for most home users to challenge their body and tone and gain muscle, be it for chest, shoulders, back, biceps, legs, etc.

If you’re not mechanically inclined, and don’t like DIY construction projects, then you may need an extra hand for the assembly of this machine. It’s not very hard to assemble, but it’s certainly can take some time to set up.




Customer Reviews


By mike


I am going to make this short and to the point. I bought this gym and assembled it in 4 hours that includes time to unpack it and lay everything out, not to mention a lunch break and a tv break. It is solid and I have not had any issues with it. I am a welder and it feels solid to me so I have complete confidence in it. to those individuals who have trouble getting tit together and being solid they are fools and should never rush. Read more at Amazon.


By CountVonCount

Great value, solid home gym

I searched quite a while for a quality gym but on a limited budget. This fit the bill perfectly and I was not disappointed. The weights and functionality are on a par with other gyms that retail at twice the price. The gym comes in four separate boxes and takes about four to six hours to assemble. Once assembled, its very solid, and feels good quality. The gym offers a good variety of exercises to do – everything I used to be able to do on the machines in my local gym when I was a member, with the exception of leg presses. Recommended. Read more at Amazon.


By Antonio G

Great Home Gym

What a great machine… I am so pleased with the size, sturdiness and function of this home gym. It advertises that it offers 200 lbs of weight but actually it pumps out 253 lbs resistance on the front chest.

It took my about four hours to put it together and that was with a couple breaks. Be careful to lay everything out and follow instructions. I tried a couple short-cuts and ended up having to go back a couple times.

I am so pleased with this purchase…after seeing mine a couple friends actually ordered one as well. Read more at Amazon.

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