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Schwinn 450 Elliptical Trainer, The User Friendly and Affordable Full-Sized Home Exercise Equipment

Schwinn 450 Elliptical Trainer
Schwinn 450 Elliptical Trainer

Looking for an affordable full-sized elliptical trainer you can put inside your house for a home workout? Are you on a tight budget but still wants to invest in your fitness through a good full-body home exercise equipment? If your answer for these two questions is “Yes,” then there’s good news for you, as one of the world’s leading commercial and home exercise equipment manufacturers – Schwinn, has a good deal to offer – the Schwinn 450 Elliptical Trainer. An elliptical machine with 20” stride that mimics the natural movement of the body, ergonomically designed, built with sturdy body and comes with challenging workout programs all for a very affordable price.

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Let’s take a closer look at the Schwinn 450 Elliptical Trainer’s features:

  • Innovative Elliptical trainer with a long 20-inch stride, 16 resistance levels, and built-in heart rate monitoring
  • Unique, adjustable ramp with up to a 15 degree incline, to change your stride and target different muscle groups
  • 11 workout programs include profile courses, quick start, and distance goal; 4 heart rate programs; Schwinn Advantage workout tracking
  • Adjustable movement handles for varied upper body workouts with fixed and moving handle bars
  • In-console speakers and MP3 music input port; built-in fan; transport wheels; comprehensive warranty coverage

The Schwinn 450 is quite a powerful elliptical trainer, and an upgrade from the Schwinn 420. Though it is a bit more expensive than its predecessor, it comes with various functions and feature upgrades which makes it a very competitive budget-friendly home exercise equipment. Some of these great revamps are the 20-in stride, fully adjustable ramp to suit your body and natural movement, and the heart rate monitoring system.


The Stride Distance Advantage

The Schwinn 450 elliptical machine is not just for people from all fitness levels, as it is also for people for all sizes. This is because of machine’s longer stride distance, which accommodates long legs, giving taller individuals all the chance to challenge themselves for a more productive and fruitful workout experience. The 20” stride allows users to make longer strides to push themselves hard on this machine stride after stride.

Also, this machine allows users to target various muscle groups to give a fantastic workout anytime of the day. It has 11 workout programs that include number of profile courses, quick start programs, and distance goals with 16 different levels of resistance. All these programs and resistance levels can be accessed straight to its user-friendly console.

The user console holds the access to all of the features of this machine, such as the pre-set workout programs and quick start button and all the data about your workout. It is very easy to navigate, as all the buttons are clearly labeled, allowing you to operate the machine and change settings smoothly in the middle of your workout.


Why Get this Elliptical Machine?

The Schwinn 450 elliptical machine is a pretty great machine for budget hunters. Anyone familiar with prices of commercial and home gym equipment knows why 20” stride is already a rare deal for its price, as this machine is a multi-position ramp.

This elliptical trainer comes with a heavy-duty weighted flywheel that provides smooth resistance, despite this being a very affordable product. Also, this machine comes with the Schwinn Advantage fitness journal, a computer program embedded on the console that saves up to two user profile and tracks time, distance, calories burned, resistance and other workout data, helping you keep track of your workout and fitness progress.




Customer Reviews


By Tom D

I love this machine! Sturdy, well designed & delivers a total body workout

I’d been shopping for an elliptical for a few weeks before receiving the Schwinn 450 for review. There were several makes and models that I compared at online and also tested at a few local sporting goods stores. The Schwinn 450 elliptical is sturdy and offered the features I was looking for. Here’s a short video review to give you a better idea of the machine. Read more at Amazon.com…


By Noonan75

Schwinn 450 Elliptical

After working our treadmill to an untimely demise, we started to think about replacement, and my wife and I both agreed that we’d rather have an elliptical. There were a ton of things to consider, and lots to choose from. We did a lot of research online, and price compared to the physical stores before deciding on the Schwinn 450. It’s a new model, so there wasn’t a ton of user feedback, but the earlier Schwinn models were well reviewed and well priced, so we took a leap of faith with the 450. I couldn’t be happier. The package, due to its size, was delivered by ABF, and it arrived about 4 days earlier than Amazon’s estimation. Read more at Amazon.com…


By Darren

Very happy with this elliptical

I had wanted an elliptical for some time having owned one in the past. Having young children, it was difficult to find the time when I could get to the gym so I wanted something that would give me a decent workout at home. Read more at Amazon.com…

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