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Spirit Esprit EL-455 20inch Stride Elliptical, Professional Grade Home Exercise Equipment

Spirit Esprit EL-455 20inch Stride Elliptical
Spirit Esprit EL-455 20inch Stride Elliptical

The Spirit Esprit EL-455 20 inch Stride Elliptical is a professional grade home exercise equipment considered as a one of high-end machines with a very reasonable price tag. It comes with a big and heavy flywheel for smooth performance, 20inch stride to accommodate tall users, fully adjustable elements to suit all users, and amazing features that makes working out at home enjoyable.

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Let’s take a closer look at Spirit Esprit EL-455 20inch Stride Elliptical’s feature:

  • 20-inch stride on dual chrome rails for smooth motion
  • 30-pound heavy-duty flywheel; health club commercial bearings and premium bushings for fluid motion
  • Large, easy to read blue backlit display
  • Speakers and audio jack for your MP3 player
  • 350-pound user capacity


Precision technology, this is one good way to describe Spirit Esprit EL-455 20inch Stride Elliptical, a non-impact, total body elliptical trainer. The 30 pound heavy duty flywheel is engineered to provide comfort with smooth and more fluid 20-inch stride. It comes with high performance components sealed commercial bearings and premium brushings similar to those high-end commercial elliptical trainers you find in many health club elliptical machines.


Professional Grade and Fully Adjustable Elements

The Spirit Esprit EL-455 20inch Stride Elliptical is quite a big elliptical trainer and home exercise equipment, but not really as long as some elliptical machines in the market today in its price bracket. The first thing you will notice in this machine is its large flywheel located in front. This the part responsible for the machine’s smooth and quiet operation; no matter how hard you and how rigorous your workout may be like, the machine won’t make annoying noises, making it a perfect for home use. Pedaling through this big flywheel generates power for smoother and more natural strides.

Design wise, you can easily say that the Spirit Esprit EL-455 20inch Stride Elliptical is very well though of. It is very comfortable to use, and you will notice that you don’t need to stretch for anything in your strides, as you can simply adjust machine’s certain elements (fully adjustable pedals) to fit it to your body and workout needs. This means that all the energy you spend on striding will be spent directly to the machine, relieving stress for your joints for optimum workout, minus the risk of strains and injuries. More importantly, this feature makes this elliptical machine friendly for everybody, from teenagers, to parents, even for your grandparents.

This machine also comes with a large and easy-to-red bright blue back-lit LCD display that shows and monitors everything you want to know about your workout, including distance, speed, time, resistance, pulse, watts, program, rpm, and calories burned. Also, the console comes with speakers and audio jack where you can plug in your music player and play your favorite music and/or workout playlist as your workout.

Also, the console includes handgrip pulse sensors that monitor your heart rate to get you into your targeted heart rate for optimum workout experience. These sensors are easy and very accessible to use.


Why Get This Elliptical?

The Spirit Esprit EL-455 20inch Stride Elliptical is an incredible home exercise equipment that will workout your entire body, burn calories and get rid of fat for a healthier family. The ergonomic design and fully adjustable elements makes this machine perfect for the whole family, and the non-impact technology makes it friendly for seniors, people rehabbing from injuries, or even serious athletes looking to train at home without the risk of injuries.

Because of its high performance elements, such as premium bushings and commercial bearings, the machine is considered as a high-performance elliptical and efficient for home users for almost all types and sizes of users. It’s solid built allows it to withstand users up to 350lbs.

If you’re looking for a professional grade elliptical machine for you or the whole family, then you will never go wrong with Spirit Esprit EL-455 20inch Stride Elliptical. This elliptical trainer is designed to meet all your needs, its very easy to assemble and set up, maintain, and runs smoothly and quietly, making it perfect for home use. Definitely a good buy for your money.




Customer Reviews


By Jerry F.

Quick delivery, solid machine.

…In my reviewing I discovered that flywheel weight is important, the heavier the better it seems, that’s the thing that gives you the smooth feel, instead of a choppy run where you exert effort on each peddle on each individual stroke. It’s hard to explain until you feel the difference but the flywheel weight makes the difference. Cheap machines don’t mention flywheel weight because they don’t have it.

The Schwinn’s come with a 25 lb flywheel the Sole E25 has a 23 lb flywheel, this machine has a 30 lb flywheel and you can feel it. It takes a little effort to get this thing going, but once you do it wants to just keep going. This provides a boost for those times that you feel like slowing down, this machine pushes you to keep it up, you can slow down on the pace but it takes a few revolutions. Read more at Amazon.com…


By Lawrence Sutherland

Gym Quality – Quiet – Easy to Assemble

This is an excellent machine! Better than the LifeFitness machines at the gym.

Easy to assemble – comes with all required tools – though use of a ratchet is recommended for speed. The only “hiccup” with assembly is attaching the pole that holds the display to the main unit – requires a little bit of a wrestling match (a helper would be a good idea here – I was solo). There are only 4 steps in the assembly and the bolts are separated by step. If you have basic “toolbox skills” this is a very easy assembly.

Have them leave it in your garage or by the door if you don’t have any stairs to negotiate. You can cut the box at the bottom and lift up – then move all the parts to the assembly area. This makes for an easy clean-up. The only heavy part is the flywheel – but it is easy to move as it has wheels.

Also, the feet are heavy duty cushioned rubber. It is not necessary to order a Mat. In fact, if you are planning on moving it into position for a workout a Mat would be a waste of money. We have nice hardwoods and I am confident this machine is not going to harm them. Read more at Amazon.com…


By Sanjay S. Dubey “cappa69″ (Bay Area, California)

Smooth, High Quality Sturdy Components, Works Great

We were looking for something under a thousand dollars that worked well. Of all the ellipticals that we looked at, we liked Spirit the best. Schwinn was our second choice but we saw Spirit and Schwinn side-by-side in a shop and Schwinn looked a bit cheap and flimsy in front of the Spirit. Reasons why we picked Spirit:

1) It has the heaviest flywheel of all comparable models (30 lbs). That makes it very smooth. Light flywheels can make an elliptical choppy and not fun to exercise on.

2) Dual concave wheels on the rails. Cheaper machines have a single wheel on each rail. This machine has two on each and those wheels are pretty solid. This results in a smoother motion and durability.

3) The elliptical motion does not put too much stress on the lower back. Many of the ellipticals that we tried put too much stress on the lower back as well as at the end of the cycle I would feel a little jerk on the knee. This Spirit does not have any of those issues. Its the smoothest machine of all that we tried. Read more at Amazon.com…

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